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!Directory: Boys! [ Mon Jan 6th/ 9:18pm ]
Icons for Him )
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!Directory: Girls! [ Sun Jan 6th/ 9:21pm ]
Icons for Her [Surnames A-H] )

Just for the record, the table is there. Scroll. No, I don't know why it's doing that.
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[ Sat Jan 6th/ 9:30pm ]
Icons for Her [Surnames J-M] )
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!Directory: Girls! [ Sat Jan 6th/ 9:22pm ]
Icons for Her [Surnames N-Z] )

-433 women
-145 men
-116,156 icons total.
-578 total PBs.
-That's an average of 200 icons per pb.
-100 redheads! w00t!
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!Directory: Other Stuff! [ Thu Jan 6th/ 9:23pm ]
Icons for The Rest of Us )
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[ Thu Jan 6th/ 8:55pm ]

  • Step One. COMMENT
  • Step Two. CREDIT.*
  • Step Three. ENJOY.

    Follow the steps to avoid making Sara want to blow up the internets. Thank you and have a nice day.

    *Why? So that other people can find their way here and get the icons they want. And also because I spend a portion of my free time doing this and it's the nice thing to do. Don't be a dick.

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    [ Thu May 11th/ 4:02pm ]
    The luminously lovely Nicole Kidman, whom I really ought to icon more often.

    Screencap credit to [info]capseroo!



    105 icons )
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